Lahore Attractions

Lahore is the Capital city of Punjab Province of Pakistan. With the population of approximately 10 Million it is a very lively city. The main attraction of the city is its beautiful Architecture and bustling Bazaars. The tradition of buildings is centuries old in Lahore but the Moghul (1500AD to 1800AD) have contributed the most to it. The Moghul buildings are probably the most attractive. On an average one can easily spend two full days of sightseeing here. There are numerous mosques monuments bazaars, evening Musical programs and a variety Lifestyle in the city. The Lahore Museum is the largest in the country and houses articles from all over the country. The city is located just 25 KMS away from the Indian border on the grand Trunk road. This makes it a transit point before going into India from Pakistan.

There is a train from Lahore to Amrastar on Thursdays & Tuesdays , beside regular road transport. It is also well connected internationally by PIA and a few other local & Foreign carriers. There are also regular flight from all major cities of Pakistan to Lahore operated by Private airlines and PIA. Temperature is usually warm except in the months of January & February it is a bit chili.

Situated on the east bank of the Ravi River, Lahore is very old. Legend traces its origin to Loh, the son of Rama Chandra, the hero of the Ramayana, but history records that it began as a dependency of the 8th century AD Hindu ruler, Lalitiditya. In the early 11th century it came under Muslim rule and evolved as a centre of Islamic culture and learning as well as trade and commerce. In the 13th century it was depopulated and razed to the ground by the Tartar-Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan. Timurlane and his Muslim Turks also arrived and destroyed the city.

Lahore was a cultural and intellectual centre during both the Mughal and British eras, and it's an atmosphere which still pervades today, but it is the diversity and contrast of the different sections of the city which make Lahore interesting. Apart from local tourists with their blaring transistors, you could almost be back in the Moghuls era.

Lahore is 213 meters above sea level and has a population of approximately 3 million. The temperature here drops down to 10C in winter, but in summer can soar to 40C or more. The best time to visit is straight after the monsoon period when the weather is cool and pleasant.


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